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Anjanette Perry Baker is Managing Editor of Journal of Heredity and Manager of the AGA.  She is the first contact person for most questions about the Journal of Heredity, the AGA symposium, award guidelines, the AGA Council -- really anything about the society and its journal!

Anjanette has a checkered past in genetic and molecular biology research.  As an undergraduate at UC Santa Cruz, she isolated restriction enzymes in Harry Noller's lab.  Following graduation, she moved to New York, where she grew HeLa cells and mutated vaccinia virus for Marcia Ensinger at Columbia University.  She left the big city and laboratories behind in favor of graduate school in oceanography at University of Hawaii.  There she met Scott Baker, a zoology PhD student, who swept her off her feet and onto a research vessel in Glacier Bay, Alaska.  They then spent several years following humpback whales, migrating from Hawaii in winter to Alaska in summer.

Scott finished his PhD, and began a postdoc with Steve O'Brien at the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, MD, where he researched the whales' population genetics.  Anjanette worked as a lab assistant for Michael Dean, looking for the cystic fibrosis gene.  Two more postdocs followed for Scott, and Anjanette worked in various genetics labs, mostly on whales and fish.

Eventually, Scott got a real job at University of Auckland in New Zealand, and Anjanette moved into science administration.  They spent a dozen delightful years in Auckland, and returned to the US in 2006, when Scott took his current position at the Marine Mammal Institute of Oregon State University.

Scott and Anjanette were appointed Editor and Managing Editor of Journal of Heredity by the AGA Council in 2007.  Scott retired as Editor in 2017, and Bill Murphy now serves in that role.

The Journal's online submission site, ScholarOne Manuscripts, frees Anjanette from many editorial office clerical tasks, and allowing her to devote more time to the processes she enjoys, such as interacting with authors, designing the Journal covers, and developing policies and plans with our publisher, Oxford University Press.  As AGA Manager, she assists the AGA President and Council in administering awards, conducting correspondence, managing the website and Facebook and coordinating the annual symposium. 

The Bakers live on the beautiful central coast of Oregon.



A sampling of publications:

Baker CS, Herman LM, Perry A, et al. 1986. Migratory movement and population structure of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in the central and eastern North Pacific. Marine Ecology Progress Series 31: 105-119   

Perry A, Baker CS, Herman LM. 1990. Population characteristics of individually identified humpback whales in the central and eastern North Pacific: a summary and critique. Reports of the International Whaling Commission (Special Issue 12): 307-318.

Dean M, Stewart C, Perry A, et al. 1991. D7S448 detects a HINDIII polymorphism located in the centromere region of chromosome-7. Nucleic Acids Research: 200-200.  

Baker CS, Perry A, Bannister JL, et al. 1993. Abundant mitochondrial-DNA variation and worldwide population-structure in humpback whales. Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences of The United States of America 90: 8239-8243   

Baker CS, Perry A, Chambers GK, et al. 1995. Population variation in the mitochondrial cytochrome-b gene of the orange roughy Hoplostethus atlanticus and the hoki Macruronus novaezelandiae. Marine Biology 122: 503-509.   

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