Officers & Council Members for 2024


Beth Shapiro
University of California Santa Cruz

Michael Nachman
University of California Berkeley

Executive Vice-President
Anne Bronikowski
Michigan State

Brad Shaffer
University of California Los Angeles

Bridgett vonHoldt
Princeton University

Council Members

Brook Moyers
University of Massachusetts Boston

Stacy Krueger-Hadfield
Virginia Institue of Marine Sciences

Chris Funk
Colorado State

Melanie Culver
University of Arizona

Brendan Pinto
Arizona State University

Jose Lopez
Nova Southeastern University

Chris Smith
Willamette University, Oregon

Erica Larson
University of Denver

Jesus Maldonado
Smithsonian Institution

Olliver Ryder
San Diego Zoo


Special Appointment to Council

Journal of Heredity Editor
Bill Murphy
Texas A&M University


Assistance to Council

AGA Manager and Journal of Heredity Managing Editor
Carlos Driscoll


Past Presidents

2022  Lila Fishman
2021  Kelly Zamudio
2020  Kim Hughes
2019  Maria Orive
2018  Rosemary Gillespie
2017  Anne Bronikowski
2016  Lynda Delph
2015  Katie Peichel
2014  Robin Waples
2013  Kerry Shaw
2012  Mohamed Noor
2011  Scott Edwards
2010  Brad Shaffer
2009  David Rand
2008  Trudy Mackay
2007  Michael Lynch
2006  Lorne Reiseberg
2005  John Doebley
2004  Shozo Yokoyama
2003  Kent Holsinger
2002  Phil Hedrick
2001  Oliver Ryder
2000  John Avise






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