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Ecological, Evolutionary, and Conservation Genomics (EECG) Research Awards

Deadline 13 December 2019      Awards announced 15 March 2020

The American Genetic Association grants EECG Research Awards to graduate and post-doctoral researchers who are at a critical point in their research, where additional funds would allow them to conclude their research project and prepare it for publication.

These awards are open to any graduate student or postdoctoral fellow who is a member of the American Genetic Association at the time of application – visit for membership details. 

NOTE:  You must have a 2020 AGA Membership Number before submitting your application.
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The program is not intended to fund an entire research project, to initiate new research projects, or to provide salary support.  Priority for funding will be given to proposals that address genome-scale questions, or ecological, evolutionary, and conservation genetics questions that are best addressed using genomic approaches in a hypothesis-testing framework.  While we will accept applications to work on any organism or group of organisms, we are most interested in projects that will generate results and conclusions that are broadly applicable, with the potential to move the field forward.  Awards will range from $5,000 to a maximum of $10,000.  Five to ten awards will be granted in 2020.

The application process is now closed.

After completing the form, save as a PDF.  Complete the details below, upload your PDF, and click Submit.  A 'thank you' screen will appear, letting you know that your application has been received.



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