2024 AGA Presidential Symposium

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Genomic Technologies & the Future of Conservation

October 6-9, 2024 at Granlibakken Tahoe, California

The theme across talks will be to explore DNA and other biotechnologies,
including cloning and de-extinction, for biodiversity conservation. 


AGA Election Results

We would like to welcome Michael Nachman, President Elect, to the AGA Council.

Joining him as new Councilors for 2024 are Melanie Culver, Oliver Ryder, and Chris Funk


In Memoriam

Read the freely available article in JHered: 

In Memoriam: Robert K. Wayne, a pioneer of evolutionary genomics for wildlife with an emphasis on endangered species

The American Genetic Association has established the Robert K. Wayne Conservation Scholarship and Research Fund to support graduate students whose research directly benefits a threatened species. The first $6000 scholarship was awarded to Kyle Jaynes in 2023.  We welcome donations from members of our community who wish to grow the impact of this Fund in Bob’s honor.


Past Presidents' Symposia






AGA2022, AGA2021, and AGA2020

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Presidents' Symposia Issues in JHered - freely available

AGA2020:  Genes as Environment - President Kimberly Hughes

AGA2019:  Sex and Asex - President Maria Orive

AGA2018:  Origins of Adaptive Radiation - President Rosemary Gillespie

AGA2017:  Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics in the Wild - President Anne Bronikowski

AGA2016:  Local Adaptation - President Lynda Delph

AGA2015:  Chromosome Evolution - President Katie Peichel

AGA2014:  Evolution and Plasticity - President Robin Waples

AGA2013:  Speciation Continuum - President Kerry Shaw


                   AGA Mission

The mission of the American Genetic Association is to encourage the study of comparative genetics and genomics, and to promote the application of genetic and genomic methods to the documentation, conservation, and management of organismal diversity.

We are committed to accomplishing this mission together with the most inclusive group of members and contributors possible, unrestricted by race, gender, sexuality, religion, political affiliation, or background. We have worked and will continue to work to broaden participation in this field to reflect the diversity of our broader community. We adamantly oppose any forms of discrimination, and we enthusiastically support the dissemination of peer-reviewed scientific research results to other scientists and the public at large.

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SEA Awardees

Recent Advances in Conservation Genetics (ConGen Global-2025)


This course will host 25-30 students, especially welcoming to participants from African countries, and 15-20 faculty from around the world.  The course will feature the latest methods, interpretations, and applications of genetic/genomic analyses for the conservation of endangered species, and the faculty will share their expertise in technologies, research strategies, and translation featuring population-based studies.



Genomics of Marine Mammals IV (G4) Workshop

This two-day workshop will be part of the 25th Biennial Marine Mammal Conference in Perth this year, accommodating up to 150 experts and novices. It will focus on advancements in marine mammal genomics, highlighting novel methods and applications in evolution, conservation, and emerging diseases, and integrating genomics with traditional knowledge. 



Resources for Inclusive Evolution Education (RIE2)

Do you want to create interdisciplinary teaching resources for inclusive undergraduate evolution education? The Resources for Inclusive Evolution Education (#RIE2) working group is looking for participants to do just that! Apply now by filling out this google form! Deadline is 5 p.m. PT on May 28, 2024 #ScienceEducation #EvolutionEducation #TeachingEvolution

Please contact inclusive.evoedu@gmail.com with any questions, suggestions, or if you'd like to contribute further to this effort.




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