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2021  Kelly Zamudio - Conservation Genomics: Current Applications & Future Directions

2020  Kimberly Hughes - Genes as Environment: Indirect Genetic Effects on Evolution, Agriculture, & Medicine

2019  Maria Orive - Sex & Asex: The Genetics of Complex Life Cycles

2018  Rosemary Gillespie - Origins of Adaptive Radiation

2017  Anne Bronikowski - Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics in the Wild

2016  Lynda Delph - Local Adaptation: From Phenotype to Genotype to Fitness

2015  Katie Peichel - Chromosome Evolution: Molecular Mechanisms and Evolutionary Consequences

2014  Robin Waples - Evolution & Plasticity

2013  Kerry Shaw - Speciation Continuum

2012  Mohamed Noor - Recombination: Molecular Mechanisms & Evolutionary Consequences

2011  Scott Edwards - Genomics and Biodiversity

2010  Brad Shaffer - Conservation Genomics

2009  David Rand - The Genetics and Genomics of Environmental Change

2008  Trudy Mackay - Genetics and Genomics of Behavior

2007  Michael Lynch - Mechanisms of Genome Evolution

2006  Lorne Reiseberg - Genetics of Speciation

2005  John Doebley - Plant Evolution: Genes and Phenotypes

2004  Shozo Yokoyama - Molecules, Biodiversity, & Adaptive Evolution

2003  Kent Holsinger - From Genes to Genomes: The Next Century of Heredity in America

2002  Phil Hedrick -

2001  Oliver Ryder - Primate Evolutionary Genetics

2000  John Avise - Genetic Assessment of Parentage, MatingSystems, and Behavioral Ecology in the Poikilothermic Vertebrates


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Variable Signatures of Selection Despite Conserved Recombination Landscapes Early in Speciation
Sheela P Turbek et al.


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The Editorial Board announces a new article category, Genome Resources, for manuscripts that describe genome assembly resources of practical value to the broader scientific community


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