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President's Symposium Speakers

Key Distinguished Lecturer:

Ole Seehausen, University of Bern, Institute of Ecology & Evolution, Switzerland -- The genomic basis of quantum speciation in Lake Victoria cichlids

Invited Speakers:

Gordon Bennett, University of California, Merced -- The >300 million year history of key innovations and adaptive radiations in plant-sap feeding leafhoppers (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae)

Brian Bowen, Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology -- Adaptive radiations in the sea

Luc De Meester, KU Leuven, Belgium -- Adaptive radiation in your garden? Evolution-mediated priority effects and distribution patterns from the landscape to the globe

Rob Fleischer, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute -- The early bird gets the island: Island formation and Hawaiian bird adaptive radiations

Andrew Hendry,  McGill University, Canada -- Eco-evolutionary dynamics in Galapagos

Scott Hodges, University of California, Santa Barbara -- The genetic basis of a key innovation: Identifying genes controlling spur development in Aquilegia

Henrik Krehenwinkel, University of California, Berkeley

Jonathan Losos, Washington University -- Bridging the Micro- to Macroevolutionary Divide to Understand the Origin of Adaptive Radiation in Anolis Lizards

Jim Mallet, Harvard University -- Speciation: Not what we thought it was. Evidence from Heliconius butterflies

Axel Meyer, University of Konstanz, Germany -- Genomics of parallel adaptations and speciation in repeated species flocks of cichlid fishes

Anna Papadopoulou, University of Cyprus, Republic of Cyprus -- Exploring the interplay between connectivity and isolation at the early stages of species diversification: insights from a continental archipelago

Christine Parent, University of Idaho -- On the snails’ trail: evolution and speciation in Galapagos’ land snails

Karin Pfennig, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill -- Behavior, Hybridization and the Origins of Diversity

Dan Rubinoff, University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa -- What do genomics reveal about the murky origins of Hawaii’s most ecologically diverse adaptive radiation, the Fancy Case caterpillars (Hyposmocoma: Cosmopterigidae)? 

Dolph Schluter, University of British Columbia, Canada -- Divergence via biotic interactions in a stickleback adaptive radiation

Kerry Shaw, Cornell University -- The genetic basis of divergent mating behavior underlying a rapid species radiation of Hawaiian crickets

Elizabeth Stacy, University of Nevada, Las Vegas -- Evolution in a sea of trees: adaptive radiation where populations are continuous, gene flow is high, and intrinsic barriers are slow to arise

Katie Wagner, University of Wyoming -- The evolution of species richness in adaptive radiations

Oral Presentation Awardees:

These speakers were awarded the opportunity to give an oral presentation based on their submitted abstracts.  The award includes registration, accommodation, and a travel bursary.

Early Career:

Steve Hunter, University of Wisconsin - Madison -- Phylogeny of the Hawaiian Lobeliads

Matthew Knope, University of Hawaii - Hilo -- A phylogenomic approach to resolve the evolutionary history of the Hawaiian Bidens adaptive radiation         

Christopher Martin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill -- The hybrid swarm origins of microendemic adaptive radiations in a sea of ecological opportunity

Martin Stervander, University of Oregon -- Resource-mediated Divergence of Small- and Large-billed Finches in an Isolated Archipelago

Guinevere Wogan, University of California Berkeley -- The Geography of Speciation and Signatures of Ancient Hybridization and Admixture in the Anolis Lizard Adaptive Radiation of Puerto Rico


Valentina Burskaia, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology -- Tree Incongruence in Closely Related Gammarus Species Genomes

E. Sally Chang, University of Kansas -- Species delimitation of the invasive hydrozoan Cordylophora based on phylogenetic, population genetic, physiological, and genomic evidence

Maeva Gabrielli, Universite Paul Sabatier -- Contributions of gene flow and selection to the genomic landscape of incipient lineages in an island bird

Eric Garcia, University of California Santa Cruz -- Genomic Analysis of Disjunct Marine Fish Populations of the Northeastern Pacific and Sea of Cortez

Aparna Lajmi, National Centre for Biological Sciences, India -- Climate drives adaptive diversification in a continental radiation of Hemidactylus geckos in Peninsular India

James Stroud, Florida International University -- Complex character displacement driven simultaneously by natural and sexual selection: Insights into the origins of phenotypic diversity in adaptive radiations


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