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About the blog    

AGA blog post ideas:

1.  Journal of Heredity articles from the most recently published issue

2.  articles published on Advance Access (which will appear in the next issue)

3.  articles from the past year’s issues

4.  older articles if they illustrate a current news item, idea being debated, etc. 

            Example:  Covid-19 may have come from highly endangered, illegally traded pangolins.  Molecular tracing of pangolins is the subject of Gaubert et al. 2017.  For more on software to trace trafficked species, see Zhao et al. 2019.

5.  themes explored in Journal of Heredity articles, e.g., Urban Evolution, Pigmentation Genes, Horse Genetics

6.  articles from recent work in other journals that is in keeping with the main aims and missions of the American Genetic Association and the Journal of Heredity

7.  your own field work

8.  recent AGA-sponsored workshops

9.  interviews with AGA council members, editorial board members, Journal of Heredity authors

Instructions for blog post submission:

First, follow the steps in About the Blog -- become an AGA member, and submit your post idea.  Once it's accepted, start writing!

  •      DO NOT USE HYPERLINKS IN WORD. Rather, highlight the text you want to hyperlink and then paste the hyperlinks at the end of the post. I will have to add these hyperlinks into WordPress should the post be accepted for publication. Things you should highlight include UAB Biology or your degree program, a link to the original paper, links to other papers, etc.
  •      Fill in the following blurb: “NAME is a STUDENT/POSTDOC currently working in XXX lab on XXX INFO ABOUT YOUR RESEARCH XXX.
  •     Send a picture of yourself for the blog. Send other pictures as relevant for the post (i.e., study organism, figure).
  •     Send all images as separate jpegs.
  •     Please add a caption for each image as well as a hyperlink for the web address for the image at the end of the post.

Download:      Example blog post submission

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