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    President's Symposium Speakers

Key Distinguished Lecturer:

Sally Otto, University of British Columbia, Canada
Selective interference and the evolution of sex

Invited Speakers:

Matthew Hartfield, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Determinants of genetic diversity in facultative sexuals

  Laura Katz, Smith College
Germline/soma distinction across the (eukaryotic) tree of life

Stacy Krueger-Hadfield, University of Alabama, Birmingham
What’s ploidy got to do with it? Mating system variation in haplodiplontic algae

Curt Lively, Indiana University
Through the looking glass: host/parasite coevolution and sex

Tanja Schwander, Universite de Lausanne, Switzerland
Genomic consequences of asexual reproduction in animals

 Rebecca Zufall, University of Houston
Amitosis and the Evolution of Asexuality in Tetrahymena ciliates   

Catherine Rushworth, UC Davis
Disentangling the fitness effects of hybridization and asexuality in natural plant populations

Jennifer Anderson, Uppsala University, Sweden
Life history lessons from Neurospora crassa and other filamentous fungi

Solenn Stoeckel, INRA Rennes, France
The dynamics of genetic diversity in partially clonal populations

Nadia Singh, University of Oregon
Variation in Recombination Rate: Causes and Consequences

Mercedes Burns, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Maintenance of sex via geographic heterogeneity and facultative parthenogenesis in a Japanese harvestman

Jeannette Whitton, University of British Columbia, Canada
How important is male function in the maintenance of sex? Data from plant systems

Oral Presenters (Short talks)

Elora Lopez, Stanford University
Patterns and frequency of variation among asexual clones in a long-lived coral species

Karen Barnard-Kubow, University of Virginia
Mechanisms and consequences of balancing selection in a model cyclic parthenogen

Trung Huynh, University of Texas Arlington
Differentially expressed genes between reproductive modes: a primer to identifying the genetic basis of facultative apomixis in Daphnia

Sissi Donna Lozada Gobilard, Institute of Biochemistry and Biology, Potsdam, Germany
Patterns of genetic diversity of plant species occurring in a metapopulation wetland system is rather explain by clonality than dispersal mechanisms

Linnea Sandell, University of British Columbia
Sex, drugs, and mating competition: effects of frequent outcrossing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Jaime Schwoch, Portland State University
Somatic mutation and cell lineage selection during vegetative growth promotes rapid adaptation in plants

Mark Smithson, Washington State University
Epigenetic variation in asexual adaptation: explaining shell shape variation

Karel Janko, Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics, Czech Republic
Why do animals abandon sex? On the interconnection between asexuality hybridization and speciation



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