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    President's Symposium Speakers

Key Distinguished Lecturer:

Loeske Kruuk, Australian National University, Canberra
Quantitative genetics of fitness in wild populations

Invited Speakers:

David Coltman, University of Alberta, Canada
Architecture of quantitative traits in bighorn sheep

Jeff Conner,  Michigan State University
Mechanisms of rapid adaptation

Lynda Delph, Indiana University
Sex-specific selection drives sexual dimorphism in correlated characters

Ned Dochtermann, North Dakota State University

Kathleen Donohue, Duke University
Regulating life-cycle phenology through developmental arrest:  Seed dormancy and plant life cycles in seasonal environments

Fred Janzen, Iowa State University
Evolutionary quantitative genetics of sex determination in freshwater turtles

Adam Jones, University of Idaho
Epistasis in the wild

Emily Josephs, University of California, Davis
Detecting polygenic adaptation in domesticated and wild plants    

Andrew McAdam, University of Guelph, Canada
Maternal effects in North American red squirrels

Joel McGlothlin, Virgina Technical Institute
Quantitative genetics of sexual dimorphism in brown anoles (Anolis sagrei)

Mike Morrissey, St Andrews University, UK
Development and non-additive genetic variation

Leonie Moyle, Indiana University
Intraspecific polymorphism for quantitative traits and interspecific isolating barriers in wild tomato 

Annalise Paaby, Georgia Tech
Hidden variation and the evolution of complex traits

Julia Saltz, Rice University
Gene-environment correlation: implications for evolutionary quantitative genetics

John Slate, University of Sheffield, UK
Genomic prediction in a wild mammal

John Stinchcombe, University of Toronto
Evolutionary genetics in wild and invasive plants

Cynthia Weinig, University of Wyoming
Genetic underpinnings of plant-microbe interactions and their role in adaptation

Jason Wolf, University of Bath, UK
A genomic perspective on multivariate evolution



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